Unknown SUI Description (Game Messages)

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Unknown SUI Description (Game Messages)

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75% This document is nearing completion.

Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
revive_msg /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string Click OK when you are ready to be returned to your clone. Notes Examples

data_prompt /string/en/ firework.stf internal_command_string The current status of your firework show is listed below. Notes Examples

choose_master_looter /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string Choose a Master Looter from the list of available players: Notes Examples

sell_prompt /string/en/ junk_dealer.stf internal_command_string Select the item you wish to sell to this junk dealer. Notes Examples
select_class /string/en/ survey.stf internal_command_string Select the desired resource class. I think this is for the Aurillian Village Survey tool.

sell_prompt /string/en/ relic_dealer.stf internal_command_string Select an item and press the 'Sell' button to sell the relic to the dealer.

Press the 'Sell All' button to sell all available relics to the dealer.

Notes Examples

camp_dialog_text /string/en/ camp.stf Internal SUI label Select the quality of camp you would like to build from the list below. You must have sufficient resources in order to build a camp.
pet_sui_text /string/en/ bio_engineer.stf Internal SUI label This pet has invalid stats for the level listed. You will be unable to call the pet until it is corrected.

Adjust Pet Level - This option will keep the existing pet stats, but increase the level to a valid level for the stats. NOTE: This may cause the pet level to be higher than you are able to control.

Adjust Pet Stats - This option will keep the listed level, but reduce the stats to the average acceptable stats for the level. NOTE: Only average stats can be assigned you may lose variety that makees this pet unique.

(You will need to manually call the pet again after it has been corrected.)

pet_sui_level_fixed /string/en/ bio_engineer.stf Internal SUI label The level of your pet has been adjusted. The new level is: %DI.

pet_sui_stats_fixed /string/en/ bio_engineer.stf Internal SUI label The stats of your pet has been adjusted. The new stats are the average for a level %DI creature.

pet_sui_fix_error /string/en/ bio_engineer.stf Internal SUI label There was an error trying to adjust this pet, unable to adjust.

select_juggs /string/en/ performance.stf internal_command_string Select a juggling act to perform. (Unknown)