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Unknown Unknown (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
east /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf East
north /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf North
northeast /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Northeast
northwest /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Northwest
south /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf South
southeast /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Southeast
southwest /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Southwest
unknown /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Unknown
west /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf West
dancer /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Dancer
mission_title /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Mission:
droid_purchase_prompt /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Choose the type of probe droid you wish to purchase:
droid_seeker_buy_confirmation /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Do you wish to purchase a Seeker Probe Droid for 200 credits?

citizens /string/en/city/ city.stf citizens
rank0 /string/en/city/ city.stf New City
current_mt /string/en/city/ city.stf Current Terminal Count:
current_trainers /string/en/city/ city.stf Current Trainer Count:
destroy_prefix /string/en/city/ city.stf Are you sure you want to destroy
funds /string/en/city/ city.stf Funds
income_tax_prompt /string/en/city/ city.stf Income Tax:
max_rank_achieved /string/en/city/ city.stf Maximum City Rank Achieved
militia_suffix /string/en/city/ city.stf (Militia)
modify_structure_list /string/en/city/ city.stf Modify Structure List
promperty_tax_prompt /string/en/city/ city.stf Property Tax:
sales_tax_prompt /string/en/city/ city.stf Sales Tax:
travel_cost_prompt /string/en/city/ city.stf Travel Cost:
travel_cost_prompt_none /string/en/city/ city.stf Travel Cost: No shuttleport
treasury /string/en/city/ city.stf Treasury
civic_structure_penalty /string/en/city/ city.stf Civic Structure Penalty:
more_than_cap /string/en/city/ city.stf more civic structures than your cap of
you_have /string/en/city/ city.stf You have
city_spec_master_healing_d /string/en/city/ city.stf A 'Scientific Society' gains the bonuses of both the 'Medical Center' and 'Entertainment District' specializations.
city_spec_master_manufacturing_d /string/en/city/ city.stf An 'Industrial Society' gains the bonuses of both the 'Manufacturing Center' and 'Research Center' specializations.
city_spec_master_healing /string/en/city/ city.stf Scientific Society
city_spec_master_manufacturing /string/en/city/ city.stf Industrial Society
city_spec_farming /string/en/city/ city.stf Farming Community
city_spec_farming_d /string/en/city/ city.stf This spec isn't implemented yet.