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Droid Customization Kit Game Mechanics

This multi-charge tool allows you to customize the colors of many of your droids. The droid customization is the number of times you can "call" your droid o fyour data bad before the colors fade back to their defaults.

The Droid Customization Kit allows anyone to change the color(s) of their droid. There are two ways to use a droid customization kit. The First is by placing it on the toolbar and then press the corresponding hotkey to use it on the droid after targeting it. The second method to use the kit is simply targeting the droid and select the 'Use' function on the tools radial. A pop up window will appear with 1 or 2 options, dependent on the type of droid that you are trying to color.

  • Color Frame - allows you to change the main color of your droid.
  • Color Trim - allows you to change the trim areas of your droid. This option is only available with all R-series droids, MSE, Power Droids, and Surgical Droids.

Each time that you call your droid, 1 use will be subtracted from the Droid's Customization Life Span. Some droids will have the option to customize the Frame and the Trim. Others will only have an option for Frame color only. Once you select one of these, a color palette will be displayed. Selecting a color will change the color of the droid. Selecting OK will make this change 'permeate'--at least for the next 2000 calls. Each customization of your droid counts as one Charge use. (So to color BOTH Frame and Trim uses TWO Charges)

A newly readied Droid unit starts out with a Customization Lifespan of 2000. A newly colored Droid starts out with a Customization Lifespan of 2000. Currently, each Customization lasts for 2000 "calls" of the droid, meaning a player may unpack the droid from their datapad up to 2000 times per each use of the customization tool. The droid's initial customization scheme is created by the droid engineer during the customization process in crafting it. Once a player uses the deed however, the initial customization will last for 2000 calls before the droid will default back to the original color scheme for the model of droid. You will receive a system message of 'Your droid's customization is fading away' when your droid's Customization Lifespan reaches 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1. When you droid reaches 0, you will receive the message 'Your droid's customization has completely faded away.' The Customization Lifespan does not affect anything about the droid, except for the colors that you can see. After the initial calls are used up the player must use a customization kit to change the color scheme or have another player use one on the droid for them after giving consent.

A player may have another player use a customization kit on their droid by offering that player consent. Giving consent will allow the player with the tool to target and customize another player's droid.

A player may view the current number of calls left by reviewing the droid in the datapad and looking at the Customization Lifespan attribute. This will list the total remaining calls the player may make before the droid will default back to the base color of the model.

  • NOTE: Droid Engineers can choose from a wider variety

of colors than other players. Droid engineers have a larger palette due to having customization modifiers.

  • BUG: Protocol Droids are bugged and cannot be re-customized

(re-colored) once their initial customization fades.

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