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Interplanetary Survey Droid Mechanics

This is a multi-use item that gives a Novice Artisan the ability to receive information on resources that are present on a different world. Use of this droid requires a tool of the resource type that the droid is sent out to investigate. After the droid performs its duty, it sends out an E-mail that lists all resources that are found to be present. This item does not give stats or concentrations of the listed resources.

Items of note:

  • This droid is 'certed' (available) only to Novice Artisan or higher. If you do not have Artisan, you cannot use this droid.
  • It will generate (and send you) an emailed list of resources on a selected planet (no stats or concentration, just a straight list).
  • It is listed as "Item" in the crafting tool's Droid list (below BH droids).
  • This is multiple-use 'charged' droid (similar to BH droids that come in packs of 5, for example).
  • This droid is destroyed on use.
  • It has a DZ70 style chassis (which cannot currently be customized).
  • A survey tool (for the type of resource you want to survey for) will be taken and used by the droid. You will lose this tool and it will not be returned. Note: It needs to be in your main inventory when you set the droid off to do its thing.

Description of functionality:

1. After the droid is done crafting, it will show up in your main inventory as an item (note: It doesn't use up a 'pet' slot in your datapad.)

2. Double-click on the droid or use the radial menu to select the "Use" option. Make sure, when you do this, that you have a survey tool (for the type of resource you want to survey) in your main Inventory window.

3. You should then see a list of all planets (including the one you are on at the time). Select the planet for the droid to survey and hit "OK".

4. You will then get a window where you select a survey tool that will be 'eaten' by the droid to perform its function. Currently, it doesn't appear that the quality of the tool will matter (but this might change).

5. The droid will disappear from in front of you.

6. After a period of time (Dependant on droid's Mechanism Quality rating, you will receive an email (showing as being from your character) with the emailed information report about what the droid found.

The time that an Interplanetary Survey Droid takes to complete its survey is based on this formula

3600 - (27 * Mechanism Quality) in seconds

Example: An ISD with a Mechanism Quality rating of 40 will produce a list of resources in 42 minutes. 3600 - 1080 {27*40} = 2520 / 60 seconds = 42 minutes

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