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Using Powerups

Powerups are items that enhance many of the attributes on various types of weapons. These items come in several types including some that are weapon specific such as melee weapon powerups, stocks and barrels that only work on rifle and carbine weapons. Heavyweapons are the only weapons that do not have access to powerups. Powerup enhancements are based off of a percentage value that is listed on the powerup item itself. This percentage modifies the original pre-slice stats on a weapon. For example a weapon that has 100 max damage has a Muzzle with 34% bonus to max damage added on to it will now be examined to show 134 max damage; an increase of 34%. The amount that was added in by the power up is then added into the amount that slicing increased the item by. So for example an item that was sliced from 100 damage to 135 damage was modified by 35 damage. A 34% max damage powerup adds 34 to the max damage. The two values 34 and 35 are then summed and then added back to the original item's base stat to make the new combined sliced plus power up total. A powerup that modifies ideal range for example will increase the ideal range attribute on weapons by the listed percentage value. An item that modifies HAM cost will decrease the unsliced HAM stats on the weapon by the given amount.

Inserting a Powerup

To use a powerup, the player must first click on the item, hold it, then drag it on top of the weapon that is to be upgraded. Once dropped onto the weapon, the powerup is consumed and dissapears. A weapon that has a powerup on it will have its object name be changed to yellow text coloration as if it were exceptional. This is to notify the user that this weapon has special bonus to it. Powerups can be removed by left clicking on the item then clicking the Remove Powerup radial option. Removing a powerup from a weapon will destroy it. Eventually, a powerup will be consumed on its own if it is continously used as these items have a fixed finite charge of 100 uses per item.

How to read a powerup:

All powerup follows the same rules of name:[primary stat] [type of powerup] of [secondary stat]

1) Each primary and secondary stat has a unique name. A “ported barrel” will always have Special Move Health Cost in primary. A “ported barrel of Alignment” will always have Special Move Health Cost in primary and Ideal Attack Bonus in secondary. Each type of powerup will have 2-4 primary stats and 1-4 secondary stats.

2) All primary stats of a given powerup are different than all secondary stats. The only exception is “Scattering Muzzle of Flaring”, which have Point Blank Penalty in both primary and secondary. It is an over-sight of designer or a bug because only the secondary stat contributes to the end result.

Stat modifications:

Health Cost – reduced the cost of special health move

Action Cost – reduced the cost of special action move

Mind Cost – reduced the cost of special mind move

Point Blank Attack Mod – reduced the penalty of point blank fight, higher attack rating at point blank range

Max Range Attack Mod – reduced the penalty of out-of-ideal range, higher attack rating at long range

Ideal Range Attack Mod – increased attack rating at ideal range
Ideal Range – increased the range of Ideal Range, capped at 64 meter
Wound Chance – increased the chance of a wound hit
Min Damage – increased minimum damage based
Max Damage – increased maximum damage based
Attack Speed – decreased weapon speed, faster attack
Damage Radius – increased area-damage range from any weapon that has a radius of effeect mod such as enhanced e-11 carbines, mines, grenades etc

Powerup Primary and Secondary Stats

Powerup Primary Stats Powerup Attribute Secondary Stats Powerup Attribute Usable In:
BARREL Rifles and Carbines Only
Ported Health Cost of Alignment Ideal Range Attack Mod
Smoothed Point Blank Attack Mod of Concentration Max Damage
Taper-Bored Wound Chance of Condensing Ideal Range
of Dampening Mind Cost
Hot-Wired Max Damage of Compensation Mind Cost Ranged Weapons
Quick-Charge Attack Speed of Overpowering Ideal Range
Short-Circuited Min Damage of Searing Point Blank Attack Mod
Tweaked Action Cost
GRIP Ranged Weapons
Ergonomic Ideal Range of Recoil-Deadening Health Cost
Fitted Ideal Range Attack Mod of Aiming Min Damage
Hair-Triggered Attack Speed of Reckoning Wound Chance
Lightening Mind Cost of Steadying Max Range Attack Mod
MUZZLE Ranged Weapons
Muffled Mind Cost of Flaring Point Blank Attack Mod
Polished Wound Chance of Focusing Max Range Attack Mod
Scattering Max Range Attack Mod of Braking Health Cost
Tuned Max Damage of Sighting Min Damage
SCOPE Ranged Weapons
Calibrated Max Range Attack Mod of Targetting Attack Speed
Powered Mind Cost of Pin-Pointing Wound Chance
Precision Min Damage of Tracking Action Cost
Ranged Ideal Range Attack Mod
Anti-Jitter Max Range Attack Mod of Dissipation Max Damage Rifles and Carbines Only
Balanced Ideal Range of Accuracy Ideal Range Attack Mod
Reactive Health Cost of Cushioning Action Cost
of Loading Attack Speed
Generic Melee Weapon Kit
Balancing Health Cost of Control-Enhancement Attack Speed Melee Weapons Only
Barbing Point Blank Attack Mod of Accuracy Ideal Range Attack Mod
Compensating Mind Cost of Precision Min Damage
Extending Ideal Range of Wounding Wound Chance
of Steadying Max Range Attack Mod
Mine Explosives Kit
Concussion Damage Radius of Bomblet-Generating Wound Chance Mines Only
Clustered Max Damage
Directional Min Damage
Grenade Explosives Kit
Compress Damage Radius of Shearing Wound Chance Grenades Only
Ionizing Min Damage
Grenade Wiring Kit
Short-Fuse Attack Speed of Shrapnel Wound Chance Grenades Only
Core-Alignment Max Damage

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