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Using Recycler

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Game Mechanics

Recyclers are objects that take crates of different resources and mix these into a crate of generic class resources which can be used by any crafting schematic that allows a super generic class to be used.

There are five types of recyclers available in game; Click to see each recycler's available options.

Recycler Type Resource Classes Accepted Generic Resources Produced
Creature Recycler Hide Synthesized Hide
Meat Processed Meat
Bone Ground Bone
Horn Ground Horn
Seafood Processed Seafood
Milk Homogenized Milk
Ore Recycler Igneous Ore Low Grade Ore
Intrusive Ore Low Grade Ore
Sedimentary Ore Low Grade Ore
Siliclastic Ore Low Grade Ore
Gemstone Low Quality Gemstone
Metal Recycler Iron Smelted Iron
Steel Smelted Steel
Copper Smelted Copper
Aluminum Smelted Aluminum
Flora Recycler Cereal Processed Cereal
Fruit Mixed Fruits
Vegetables Mixed Vegitables
Wood Blended Wood
Chemical Recycler Water Water Solution
Chemical Chemical Compound
Solid Petrochemical Fuel Degraded Solid Petrochemical Fuel
Radioactive Combined Radioactive Isotopes

Using a Recycler

To use a recycler, it must first be in the player's inventory and the inventory must not be full. A recycler's radial menu has several options on it; The Open radial menu option and the Choose Recycler Type radial. In order for a player to recycle any resource, they must first select a resource type that the recycler will be flagged to accept. Clicking on the Choose Recycler Type radial will open up sub menus that list all the generic resource classes that particular recycler is allowed to accept. Clicking on one of these resource classes will set the recycler to only accept resources of that type to work on. This presumably is done to prevent a player from losing a resource by accidently dropping it into the recycler. Any resource under that generic resource class selected is accepted by the recycler. Once the resource type has been set, the player can now use the recycler either by dragging and dropping the resource crate directly onto the recycler object in the inventory or by Using the Open radial option will open up the recycler container and allow the player to drop a single crate of resource directly into the recycler container. As soon as the player drops the resource into the recycler, the new generic class resource is produced and deposited into their inventory. After a resource type has been set, it will stay on the processor until a new resource type is selected.

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