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Using Repair tools

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Repair Item

Game Mechanics

Repair tools are objects that are able to repair certain usable items in game including weapons, clothing, armor when their condition values lower.

Clothing, Armor, & Weapon Repair Tools

Clothing, Armor and Weapon Repair tools come in stack sizes of 5 per each tool and can be used by the player clicking on the tool in their inventory and using the Use radial menu option. When this is selected, an SUI prompt will be displayed listing all valid items for that tool, whose condition is not 100%. Only one item may be repaired at a time. The player then makes their selection choice of the item to be repaired and then they must click the Repair button on the prompt. Once the choice has been made, the server now performs a random roll check to determine the success value of the repair. See Item Repair Mechanics for more information about the success roll event. Repair tools come with a Functionality Rating value that supposedly affects this success roll. Once the repair event value has been returned, the repair tool has a use subtracted from its stack size and the player then has their item repaired or destroyed (depending on the roll). Note: Players can only repair items that are unequipped and in their primary inventory. Items in their backpack or equipped are not allowed to be repaired.

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