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Using Vehicle Customization tools

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Vehicle Customization SUI
Vehicle Trim Customization Prompt
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Game Mechanics

Vehicle customization tools are objects that a player may use to colorize their vehicle's exterior body as well as trim. These tools come in stacks and will have a use deducted from the stack size after being used. Players may also customize another player's vehicle if they have been given /consent by the player. To use a vehicle customization tool, a player must select the vehicle that they are desiring to customize, and then select the Use radial on the tool in inventory or the corresponding hotbar key if the item has been placed on the hotbar. Upon doing this, players are presented with an SUI prompt offering two choices, one to colorize the trim and one to colorize the frame (body) of the vehicle. Each choice will deduct one use from the tool, so to customize both trim and frame, a player will have to repeat the previous step and in total, will have 2 uses deducted from the tool's stack size. Each choice will display a palette, one palette for frame options and one palette for trim options. To colorize their vehicle, the player must select a color and then click the OK button.

Once a vehicle has been customized, it will remain customized for up to 200 calls of the vehicle from the datapad. A player may view the current customization lifespan value by opening up their datapad and clicking on the vehicle object. Players are notified of the remaining customization duration each time that the vehicle has been summoned once the customization lifespan reaches 5 calls remaining. Once the customization runs out, the vehicle will revert back to its original color scheme after the player stores it.

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