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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Destroy Missions

Game Mechanics

Destroy missions are missions that require a player to destroy an npc or creature lair in order to receive credit. Players may pick up destroy missions from the Destroy tab in Mission Terminals or from mission giving npcs. The missions made available to the player depend on what planet the player is on as the planet dictates which mob type is selected. Mob types are essentially categories of particular groupings of creatures and npcs that can spawn at a mission lair. Mob type groupings are linked to the highest challenge level available to a mob within that group. Each mission terminal has its own allocation of mob types appropriate for it (possibly also linked to region lists). Once a mob type is selected then the mission will appear on the mission list and the player may acquire it. Players can influence the mob types available on a mission terminal through their own individual or their group's challenge level. If a player or their group's challenge level matches or surpasses the challenge level of the mob type available on the terminal then that mob type will be eligible to enter the pool of missions that the player can choose from.

When the player picks up the mission from the terminal or npc, they are given a waypoint to a random set of coordinates on the same planet that the mission giving npc or terminal is located on. The distance varies greatly and the min and max distance ranges are not exactly known, however it is based from the npc or terminal's location.

When the mission is accepted, a spawner object is placed into the world and it's position is updated. See Managing Missions for waypoint update behaviors. Once the updated waypoint has been received, the spawner object is placed at that location and when the player comes within the appropriate range the mobs are created into the game world (See Spawner Objects for information about spawn handling). To see more information about mission lairs see (Lairs

Once the lair has been has been destroyed the player then receives their reward if they are within range.

Note: For all missions, players receieve an amount of experience from the destruction of a lair based on the highest challenge level from the mob at that lair as well as the amount of damage that the player themself contribute to the destruction of the lair.

Note: For faction missions players receive a certain amount of faction points for destroying the lair itself as a reward. The amount of faction rewarded is based on the highest challenge level of npc that was at the lair and the amount of damage that the player themself did to the lair to contribute to its destruction.

Destroy Mission STFs

The following is a list of stfs that contain Destroy mission data:

Mission Terminals

Npc Missions

  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_easy_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_medium_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_hard_npc.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_npc_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_npc_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_npc_tatooine.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_npc_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_npc_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_npc_tatooine.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_npc_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_npc_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_npc_tatooine.stf

Creature Missions

  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature_tatooine.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_creature_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_creature_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_medium_creature_tatooine.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_creature_corellia.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_creature_naboo.stf
  • /mission_destroy_neutral_hard_creature_tatooine.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_medium_creature.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_hard_creature.stf

Non GCW Mission Giving NPCs:

NPC Missions

  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_easy_npc_non_persistent_from_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_medium_npc_non_persistent_from_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_hard_npc_non_persistent_from_npc.stf

Creature Missions

  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature_non_persistent_from_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_medium_creature_non_persistent_from_npc.stf
  • /mission/mission_destroy_neutral_hard_creature_non_persistent_from_npc.stf

General Use

  • /mission/mission_generic.stf

Analysis of Mission Datapad Details

Analysis of Mission Details

There are a number of important bits of information to know about a mission which are viewable through the mission details on the mission terminal or on the mission itself in the player's datapad.

The parts of a Destroy mission details are:

  • Target
  • Location
  • Creator
  • Reward
  • Difficulty


The target is the name of the lair object that will be spawned when the player accepts the mission. This is the object that will need to be destroyed in order for the player to obtain their reward.


This is the coordinate of the initial waypoint created to where the lair spawner is supposed to appear at.


The name of the mission creator.


This is the payout to the player in credits for successfully completing the mission. Mission payout reward formula is currently unknown.


Challenge rating of the mission depends on the player's current challenge level. If the player or group challenge level is 25 then the missions seen on terminals will be difficulty 25. The mission difficulty affects the size of the mission lair spawns as well as the condition of the lair. A higher difficulty level raises the condition of a lair as well as the amount of spawns it produces. As mentioned before, players must meet a minimum level to acquire certain mission types to begin with. Following this, the player must then also meet another criteria being that the amount of creatures spawned at the mission lair is a variable based on the player or group having reached certain cutoff points. Once a cutoff point is reached, the mission will spawn a particular amount of mobs. Cutoff points are created based on a multiplier applied to the minimum difficulty level of the mission. Once the player or their group meet or passes this cutoff point then the amount of mobs that spawn for that particular mission will be set to the amount linked to attained cutoff value. The cutoff point multipliers are as follows:

  • 1.00 - 1.28 gives 2 mobs per mission
  • 1.29 - 1.68 gives 3 mobs per mission
  • 1.69 - 1.98 gives 4 mobs per mission
  • 1.99 - 2.23 gives 5 mobs per mission

For example if a creature type became available on terminals at mission difficutly 100, the player must achieve a difficulty level anywhere between 129 through 168 to get 3 mobs for that mission. To get 5 mobs they must achieve a a difficulty level of 199-223

Mission payout ranges presumably are also affected by the mission difficulty level although information on how this works is not known.

See Challenge Levels and Lairs for more information about lair spawn size determination and affects from group challenge level.

Destroy Mission STF Analysis

The following is an example taken from the mission_destroy_neutral_easy_creature.stf file for neutral destroy missions. An overview for how to properly read and interpret the stf file will be included further below.


These dirty creatures cause all sorts of damage to settlements. They eat our food, they often carry diseases, they chew on power cables, they foul everything with their droppings. In short, they're disgusting! We want this nest of vermin cleaned out, but we won't use toxins for fear of contaminating our soil and groundwater. A few well-placed blaster shots ought to take care of the problem nicely. Think you can help? There's a reward in it if you succeed.


A Concerned Citizen's Group


At last our neighborhood will be clean, thanks to you. Enjoy that reward.


Help Clean Up the Neighborhood


m10d -

This is the mission description displayed in mission terminals or on the mission if a player examines the mission. This is also given as npc dialogue when a player receives the mission from a mission giving npc.


Mission Creator

m10s -

Response given by a mission giving npc once the player finished that particular assignment and came back to it for another mission.

m10t - This is the mission title as seen on the terminal or on the mission details once the mission has been accepted by the player.

Step by Step Progression of a Destroy Mission

  • OR Player interacts with a mission giving npc and obtains an destroy mission
  • Mission spawner location waypoint is generated
  • Player enters within 256 meters of the mission spawner waypoint and the waypoint update occurs to the new spawn point location
  • Player enters within spawn range of the lair to spawn it into the game world
  • Player destroys lair and receives reward
  • OR if player is on an NPC mission, the player returns to the npc and obtains reward.

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