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Armor Crafting Mechanics

All armor with the exception of bone armor, uses Armor Experimentation points in order to experiment on these items. Artisans use Artisan Experimentation points for Bone Armor. Experimentation on armor works the same for both artisan and armorsmith, with only a few exceptions, these being Composite Armor, Kashyyykian Hunting Armor, and Ithorian Sentinel Armor which use a slightly different experimentation process than other armors. Although armors do accept certain tailor components such as synthetic cloth and fiber panels, the Bio-engineered tissue enhancements on these items do not carry over into armor. Tissue enhancements only affect clothing items in the artisan/tailor lines.


Sockets are slots where any player, armorsmith or not, can drop skill attachment tapes (which are looted) into a piece of clothing. All wearable items with the exception of jewelry could have sockets spawned into them. Clothing can have up to 4 sockets. Generally it's random, but you have a higher probability of making a higher-socketed item as you go up the "Technique" line. For Bone Armor in the Engineering items, however, the number of sockets is governed by the level in the Engineering line of Artisan. The player needs Engineering 3 in order to obtain sockets in these items. Artisans with the highest artisan assembly modifiers can create items with up to 4 sockets. For the armorsmith line, the player requires Technique 3 before items will spawn sockets on them. There was a change to socketing which makes it more unlikely to get 4-socketed items. The amount of sockets seems to be capped depending on what level of assembly the armorsmith/artisan has. To learn more about skill attachments see Using Skill Attachments

Armor Resistances & Vulnerabilities

Armors have a set number and type of damage to which they are vulnerable to or offer protection against. This list can be found here. This listing will show the base attributes to which armors and their respective segment components have prior to any additional layers being applied which may restructure the given base types for the armor.

Item Categories

Armor Resistances
Armorsmith Layer Component Crafting
Armorsmith Segment Component Crafting
Bone Armor Crafting
Chitin Armor Crafting
Composite Armor Crafting
Crafted Armor Components
Imperial Faction Armor
Ithorian Defender Armor Crafting
Ithorian Guardian Armor Crafting
Ithorian Sentinel Armor Crafting
Kashyyykian Black Mountain Armor Crafting
Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor Crafting
Kashyyykian Hunting Armor Crafting
Looted Armor Components
Looted Armor Enhancements
Mabari Armor Crafting
Mandalorian Armor Crafting
Padded Armor Crafting
R.I.S Armor Crafting
Tantel Armor Crafting
Ubese Armor Crafting
Personal Shield Generator Crafting
Misc Armorsmith Item Crafting

(Lists of craftable items)

Armor Component Listing
Armor Enhancement Listing
Crafted Armor Listing
Looted Armor Component Listing
RIS Armor Quest Rewards

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