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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Skill Attachment Mechanics

Also See Tailor and Armorsmith for socketing information.

Date Added: August 22, 2004

This is a guide for the successful use of Skill Enhancement Attachments. This guide covers both clothing attachments (looks like a role of duct tape; also known as skill tapes) and armor attachments (looks like an armor segment), which are collectively known as Skill Enhancement Attachments (SEA's).

There are some basic rules that apply to all:

1) skill tapes go into clothes that have sockets, armor attachments go into armor that have sockets (including ubese shirts and mabari belts). They are applied by dragging and dropping the SEA onto the socketed item which, if the SEA isn't blank, will fill up one socket. Maximum number of sockets on an item is 4. Sockets on backpacks don't work currently, there is no way to put a skill tape on a backpack at the moment.

2) there is a maximum of 6 stat modifiers for a piece of clothing, which includes stat modifiers from Bio-Engineered tissues added into clothes items at creation (e.g. you could have a clothes item with +10 to injury treatment, +10 to wound treatment, and +10 to bleeding defense, which would allow for 3 more stat mods to be attached assuming 3 sockets).

3) you can only get one skill stat bonus from a tape to stick, with others being lost (i.e. a tape that has 2 or more stat mods will only allow one to stick, see below)

4) stat mods do not stack, you do not get benefit from putting additional tapes with the same type of stat mod on a single item of clothing as they do not add together (e.g. you put a +5 armor experimentation on a pair of gloves, you can't put another +3 armor experimentation on there and get +8, you would just lose the +3 and still have a pair of gloves with +5 on it). If you place a single stat mod tape on a piece of clothing with a higher stat mod of the same type as one that's is already on the item, the higher number will stick (e.g. if you have +3 armor experimentation on a pair of gloves and you put a +5 armor experimentation tape on it, you will get gloves with +5 armor experimentation). Placing multiple stat attachments on items with matching skills follows extra rules see below.

5) when placing an attachment with 2 or more stats, the highest value stats will be the only one applied (e.g. a +5 rifle accuracy with +4 armorsmith experimentation will give the +5 rifle accuracy) regardless of the order of which the stats are listed on the SEA

6) when placing an attachment with 2 or more stat mods and there are 2 or more stat mods tied for the highest numerical value, the stat mod that is listed FIRST will be the only one applied, regardless of alphabetical order.

7) clothes with stat mods that drop to 0 condition, still allow the stat mods to work, so don't destroy any stat modded clothes that are at 0 condition

8) maximum stat mod you can get from a set of clothing (or armor) is +25, so any more than that in bonuses is unused

Skill attachments can spawn with anywhere from 1 up to 3 seperate mods.

There is a situation that arises all too frequently:

9) if a tape has multiple stats on it and you want one that has a lower value than the highest listed stat mod (e.g. +23 grenade experimentation +20 armorsmith experimentation on a tape, of course you want the armorsmith experimentation to stick). Here the solution is based upon the order that the skill mods are listed on the SEA (e.g. is the +23 grenade experimentation first or is the +20 armorsmith experimentation first?).

The ONLY solution is to first place on the desired clothes item, a stat mod of the same type and value (or greater) as the less desirable yet higher number stat mod (e.g. a +23 grenade experimentation tape in the above example, if the +20 armorsmith experimentation was listed first).

So to refresh, say you have these tapes:

Tape #1
+23 grenade experimentation
+20 armorsmith experimentation

Tape #2
+20 armorsmith experimentation
+23 grenade experimentation

To get the +20 armorsmith experimentation to stick on EITHER Tape #1 or Tape #2, you would need to put a +23 (or higher) grenade experimentation tape on the clothes item first. In both cases 2 sockets are necessary

What if there are 3 stats but the lowest of the three is the one you want to stick? Follows the same rules as above. I will illustrate with an example.

Tape #3
+25 surveying
+24 droid complexity
+23 weaponsmith experimentation

Tape #4
+23 weaponsmith experimentation
+25 surveying
+24 droid complexity

Tape #5
+24 droid complexity
+23 weaponsmith experimentation
+25 surveying

You of course would want weaponsmith experimentation. On EITHER Tape #3, Tape #4, or Tape #5 you would have to place a +25 surveying tape on first, then a +24 droid complexity tape, then Tape #3, Tape #4, or Tape #5 on, to get the +23 weaponsmith experimentation to stick.

Types of socketed clothes items that a human male can wear that would allow for the maximum number of skill stat enhanced pieces are hat, belt, bandolier (can't wear a backpack with this), shirt, jacket/duster/cloak/robe(belts with these look like a hula hoop surrounding you), pants, gloves (short gloves as longer gloves don't allow for wearing a jacket), boots, so a maximum of 8 pieces with with 4 sockets each for skill tapes. Armor for a human male, composite armor with nine pieces, a mabari armored belt, a ubese armored shirt, a ubese bandolier, allows for 12 pieces with 4 sockets each for armor attachments.

Well, Lets just count how many items are socketable & able to be worn at the same time:
(Note: Pants cannot be worn under Leggins)

· Helm
· Chest Armor
· Leggins
· Boots
· Gloves
· Left Bicep
· Right Bicep
· Right Forearm
· Left Forearm
· Shirt
· Belt
· Bandolier or Backpack
· Total: 48 Sockets on You Maximum

Now that we know how to apply skill tapes and know how many can be applied at once, all there is to know is which mods work! The following information was posted by Imaridril, it can be found here. ... I would like to give him great thanks for doing what the devs should have done a long time ago


Experimentation and Assembly Skill Mods

  • Weapon Experimentation and Assembly
  • Armor Experimentation and Assembly
  • Food Experimentation and Assembly
  • Medicine Experimentation and Assembly
  • Combat Medicine Experimentation and Assembly
  • Droid Experimentation and Assembly
  • Clothing Experimentation and Assembly
  • Structure Experimentation and Assembly
  • Artisan Experimentation and Assembly
  • Grenade Experimentation and Assembly

All of these mods work except grenade experimentation and assembly, which was removed in beta and no longer exists on the current skill tree.

Repair Skill Mods

  • Weapon Repair
  • Armor Repair
  • Clothing Repair

None of these mods do anything. They have been tested extensively and serve no purpose.

Other Artisan Related Skill Mods

  • Droid Customization
  • Droid Complexity
  • Structure Complexity
  • Surveying

The first three mods here do nothing. Surveying works, but you hit the hard cap for surveying distance at artisian surveying 4 anyway so take that into consideration.

Other Medic and Doctor Related Skill Mods

  • Injury Treatment
  • Injury Treatment Speed
  • Wound Treatment
  • Wound Treatment Speed
  • Medical Foraging
  • Medicine Use

Most of these mods work, however the medical foraging skill is as good as useless, and it would be pointless to use. Also Medicine Use was nerfed and no longer functions.

Other Combat Medic Related Skill Mods

  • Healing Range
  • Ranged Injury Treatment Speed
  • Combat Medicine Use
  • Combat Medicine Effectiveness

Healing range and combat medicine use have been tested and don't do anything, combat medicine effectiveness probably doesn't work and but is hard to properly test. I wouldn't lay down any serious credits for this skill. The second mod up there works just fine.

Scout, Ranger, and Squad Leader Related Skill Mods.

  • Terrain Negotiation
  • Camouflage
  • Foraging
  • Rescue
  • Group Terrain Negotiation
  • Steady Aim Bonus
  • Volley Fire Bonus

All of these skill mods are tested and should work, but I don't know anyone who would actually want most of them. Don't put down any credits on the last two especially, since it is hard to confirm just how effecitve they are since they don't really do much anyway. I'm leaving them green since we know they do function.

Creature Handler Related Skill Mods

  • Additional Pets
  • Stored Pets
  • Creature Taming Bonus

Additional Pets and Stored Pets both used to work but have been nerfed, creature taming bonus works fine and I beleive is a requirement for taming a bull rancor baby.

Entertainer Related Skill Mods

  • Wound Healing (Music)
  • Wound Healing (Dancing)
  • Battle Fatigue Healing (Music)
  • Battle Fatigue Healing (Dancing)
  • Musical Mind Enhancement
  • Dancing Mind Enhancement
  • Instrument Assembly

Yep, all of it works, although instrument assembly is kind of redundany since instruments don't really have any mods or different values to them.

Defensive Skill Mods

  • Dodge
  • Counterattack
  • Block
  • One Handed Weapon Counterattack
  • One Handed Weapon Evasion
  • Two Handed Melee Counterattack
  • Two Handed Melee Evasion
  • Polearm Counterattack
  • Polearm Evasion

The first three mods here work, as long as you are equipping a weapon that fits with each mod. For example counterattack works when holding a power hammer, but you won't dodge while weidling it no matter how much +dodge you have. Make sure you get the right mods for the weapons you use. As far as the rest of this list... All of these were removed in beta, replaced by the trio of working skills.

General Defense Skill Mods (Part 1)

  • Bleeding Resistance
  • Combat Bleeding Defense
  • Poison Resistance
  • Disease Resistance
  • Fire Resistance

All of these mods should work but are nearly impossible to test.

General Defense Skill Mods (Part 2)

  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Defense vs. Dizzy
  • Defense vs. Blind
  • Defense vs. Knockdown
  • Defense vs. Posture Change (Up)
  • Defense vs. Posture Change (Down)
  • Defense vs. Intimidate
  • Defense vs. Stun

All of these mods work fine, but the posture change (up) is basically useless because you are rarely (if ever) forced up by an attack.

Melee Skill Mods

  • Unarmed Speed
  • Unarmed Accuracy
  • One Handed Weapon Speed
  • One Handed Weapon Accuracy
  • Two Handed Melee Speed
  • Two Handed Melee Accuracy
  • Polearm Speed
  • Polearm Accuracy
  • Warcry
  • Berserk
  • Intimidation

All of these are working properly.

Melee Damage Skill Mods

  • Unarmed Damage
  • One Handed Melee Damage
  • Two Handed Melee Damage
  • Polearm Damage

All of these mods should work, but only the first one actually does. I beleive the devlopers removed the last three mods completely when they removed them from the skill trees. This is the source of much debate, but it has been tested time and time again. Do not get duped into buying skill mods for any of these except unarmed.

Ranged Skill Mods

  • General Ranged Aiming
  • Alertness
  • Carbine Speed
  • Carbine Accuracy
  • Carbine Accuracy While Moving
  • Carbine Aiming
  • Pistol Speed
  • Pistol Accuracy
  • Pistol Accuracy While Moving
  • Pistol Accuracy While Standing
  • Pistol Aiming
  • Rifle Speed
  • Rifle Accuracy
  • Rifle Accuracy While Moving
  • Rifle Aiming
  • Cover
  • Taking Cover
  • Rifle Crawl Speed

The last two mods here no longer function, but the rest work fine with the proper weapon equipped.

Commando Related Skill Mods

  • Thrown Weapon Accuracy
  • Heavy Weapon Speed
  • Heavy Weapon Accuracy

The first mod here works, the second two do not. Heavy weapons now have their own mods, such as flamethrower accuracy, flamethrower speed, etc.

Bounty Hunter Related Skill Mods

  • Tracking Droids
  • Tracking Droid Effectiveness
  • Droid Speed
  • Droid Precision

All of the above work

Other Combat Medic Related Skill Mods

  • Healing Range
  • Ranged Injury Treatment Speed
  • Combat Medicine Use
  • Combat Medicine Effectiveness

Of the above three skills, only the first two, Healing Range and Ranged Injury Treatment Speed, appear to work. Combat Medicine Use should work in theory, but from testing by players it appears to currently have no effect. What combat medicines a player is able to use seems to be entirely dependent upon what skill boxes he has, and not upon his listed Combat Medicine Use skill. It is also questionable whether or not Combat Medicine Effectiveness skill mods work. The only known place where this skill mod can be found on an item is on the loot dropped necklaces of the followers of Lord Nyax. It is possible this skill mod does work and it is just that the skill mod on the only available item is too low for there to be any noticeable difference. Until further clarification is given on the purpose and function of Combat Medicine Effectiveness, it would seem wise to not place it as a skill mod on any loot items.


Skill Mods that SHOULD be removed from the loot tables and any development tools used by the content team.

Skill Mods whose function are currently in question and should probably be avoided for now.

Skill Mods that are currently in the loot tables and content development tools and CAN be used in loot items.

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