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Cloning is the term used in Star Wars Galaxies to refer to the system that allows your character to respawn after being killed. When your character dies, a menu will pop up with your cloning options. These options will always include "Closest Facility" and/or "Pre-Designated Facility".

You can always clone to the nearest cloning facility but let's say that you decided you want to go to a specific place regardless of where you died. To do this you would need to go to the cloning facility in the city you want to respawn in and pay a cloning fee to save your characters clone at that location. Now if you die you will have two options "Closest Facility" and/or "Pre-Designated Facility". The designated facility is the one you saved your clone at while the closest will vary depending on your location.

It is of note that just because you save your clone at a location does not mean that you saved your character, you have only specified the prefered location to clone at. If you choose to clone at the closest facility, then you will incur adverse affects to your character. When you clone in Star Wars Galaxies you will retain all the experience and skills that you had earned up to the point of your death, however you will also retain all of your wounds and battle fatigued incurred in the fighting up to that point.

While normally the cloning window automatically appears after death, the cloning window can be made to appear using the command /activateclone or /activateclone now. This command is used to activate a clone and send the user to the nearest Cloning Facility after death.

Characters that do not store their cloning data in a facility will incur 100 wounds to all of their primary stats in addition to 100 battle fatigue if they clone without having designated a preferred cloning destination. Starting characters may clone up to 3 times before they must begin paying fees to a particular cloning terminal in order to escape incurring wounds and battle fatigue from cloning. Players may have only one pre-designated cloning position at a time. In the case of being off-world from their prior pre-designated position, they must use the cloning terminal on the current planet they are on to store their data on that world.

Characters that go linkdead while dead or close the cloning window will default to automatically clone at the nearest cloning facility.

Note on Jedi:

Jedi have unique cloning destinations in the forms of force shrines. When killed, a jedi player may have a choice to clone at any one of the shrines available on the particular planet in addition to the normal cloning rules. If a Jedi chooses to use a shrine then they will suffer 100 wounds to primary stats and obtain battle fatigue upon cloning.

Note on PvP Implications:

Upon cloning, a pvp enabled character (rebel or imperial special forces flagged) will be set to "combatant" status when cloning, which means that they cannot be attacked by other players, but still remain vulnerable to factional npcs. A rebel or imperial player who is on leave when they die, will remain with on leave status if they clone.

Using Cloning Terminals

To use a cloning terminal, a player must click on the cloning terminal then open the radial menu and click the Store Clone Data option. Alternatively, the player can click on the terminal and use the /clone command. After doing this, the player will be prompted with a message asking if they wish to pay the 1000 credit fee to store their position at that particular spot. When a player dies and chooses to clone, they will be teleported into the cloning vat spawn area designated for that location.

Cloning Facility Locations

  • Force Shrines
  • Corellia
  • Dantooine
  • Dathomir
  • Endor
  • Lok
  • Naboo
  • Rori
  • Talus
  • Tatooine
  • Yavin IV

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