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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

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Radial Menus

Droid Basics

What does droid XXX do?

Aside from the Power Droid, which can recharge other droids, no droids currently have any inherent functions. All functionality is provided by adding accessory modules (medical, storage, data, crafting stations, repair). The droids differ in the number of modules they can hold and in their varying abilities to hold armor. Some advanced droids that use an advanced motive system can navigate terrain better than their less advanced counterparts.

Calling Pets

Once you've bought the droid and collected it you should find a droid deed in your inventory. If you doubleclick on this or select it and pick "Ready Droid Unit" from the radial menu, then it will appear in your datapad as a Droid Control Device. It is now very much like owning a pet. To call the droid out, use its radial option in the datapad by clicking Call option on the radial or you may optionally add the pet to the hotbar (like vehicles) and can summon by pressing its icon there. * You have to go outside to call a pet if you are in a city. (Outside of town you must be in a camp, near your declared-residence, or in a building). There is a 15 second timer before the pet will be spawned from the datapad. A player cannot call a pet out while in combat (being in the combat stay even if not attacking, being attacked or attacking a target). Entering Combat (attacking or being attacked) will cancel the calling process of a pet/vehicle if the player has issued a call request. A player will not be able to call a vehicle/mount/pet/droid during combat for 30 seconds after combat is concluded. Players will not be able to call a pet, mount, or vehicle while riding a vehicle or mount. Non creature handlers may only call and use one droid at a time and this droid must then be stored before you can call another droid, vehicle or pet. Creature Handlers may call up to 3 pets total which include a droid, a faction npc, and a creature pet or a vehicle. Only the creature pets summoned will count against the creature handler's level 70 combined creature level cap.

Storing Pets

A player cannot store a pet out while they themself are in combat. Pets can be stored back into the datapad so long as they are not in combat (being attacked or attacking). Additionally a 30 second timer is applied after it performs its last aggressive action (or having been attacked) before it may be stored. The pet can be stored back in the datapad either through its radial menu, through the datapad menu or by pressing its cooresponding icon on the hotbar after you drag and drop it onto the hotbar from the datapad. Pets will auto store when the owner uses a shuttle to travel. Upon incapacitation, Pets will automatically store after a 4 minutes if they are not revived medically. Unstored pets will not remain in the world after their owner has logged out for longer than 2 minutes, and current health info. etc. will properly be saved.

How many droids can I own at one time?

Any player can have up to 5 droids stored in the datapad.

Incapacitation Recovery

The Incapacitation Recovery ability is activated through the datapad radial option on the summoned pet's radial menu. Its job is to revive the pet after it becomes incapacitated. Recapacitation for pets is set to a forced 2 minute wait for the pet to come back to life, even if its health has regenerated. Due to this rule, Incapacitation Recovery can only be applied to the pet after two minutes. Using this ability probably gives the pet back 1 health point to its affected pools should they have not fully regenerated beyond 0 by the time the 2 minute timer is up.

Transferring Droids

Droids can be transferred to other players through trading. Players may trade droids to other players so long as the player has 1 available space in their datapad allotment for droids. Players can store up to 5 droids.

General Notes:

  • Pets regenerate HAM damage in the datapad, even when stored from the radial menu.
  • Pets current wound/damage will be save even when the pet is auto-stored.
  • Pet control devices will not be deleted unless the user selects the DESTROY option.
  • Pets will never be "death-blowed", but instead will suffer a reduction in max Health, Action and Mind in cases where they would have been death-blowed.
  • Pet stats reduced due to vitality follow this formula:
    • 75 to 100 = no stat reduction
    • 50 to 75 = 25% stat reduction
    • 25 to 50 = 50% stat reduction
    • 1 - 25 = 75% stat reduction
  • Pet stats will never be reduced more than 75% due to vitality loss.
  • Pets will never permanently die due to stat reduction.
  • Droid pets will suffer vitality loss the same as CH pets do (instead of permanent death).
  • Pets will not switch targets in combat unless commanded to attack something else.
  • Pets will switch targets in combat when commanded to attack something else.
  • Droids allow a person to drag an item on top of their pet droid to store an item in it. (assuming that the droid has a storage module, of course).
  • Pets will be able to follow their masters into buildings/caves
  • Pets are not considered by /boostmorale ability from squad leaders.
  • Pets can't fight while swimming.
  • Droids are immune to delay (strafe shot), wookiee roar, states, posture changes, poisons, bleeds, /warcry or /intimidate
  • Anyone can use a droid customization kit on a droid pet (although experienced droid engineers will have more customization options available). The droid owner must give permission to the player before they can use a customization kit on it.
  • Vitality is not lost from PvP deaths
  • Fixed pets failure to respond to commands prefixed with the name of the pet. Previously in order to respond to "bob follow", the pet had to be taught "bob follow". Now a pet named "bob" can be trained to follow when he hears "follow", and then he will obey either "bob follow" or "follow".
  • Droids and pets can not be made leaders or master looters

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