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System Messages

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Jawa Trader Dialogue

  • Weapon Dealer
  • Misc Item Dealer
  • Apparrel & Armor Dealer
  • Tusken Item Dealer

Game Mechanics

The Jawa Traders is a Point of Interest to the north west of Mos Espa, Tatooine. Located at this location are 4 jawa npcs that act as Junk Dealers. If a player has the ability Language Comprehension from the Smuggler Underworld I skill, then they may intereact with these jawas. Players without this ability cannot utilize the jawa's as junk dealers.

Jawa Trader Types

Jawa traders come in 4 forms:

  • Miscellaneous accessories: Buys misc non apparell and weapon items
  • Armor & Apparell: Buys Looted clothing, armor and jewelry
  • Weapons: Buys Looted Weapons
  • Tusken Items: Buys Tusken clothing & Weapons

Jawa Trader Locations

  • Clothing & Apparell: -6228.01,23.63,1868.02
  • Misc Items: -6223.90,23.70,1887.03
  • Weapons: -6204.08,23.63,1846.91
  • Tusken Equipment: -6113.37,23.97,1870.82

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