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Game Mechanics

Junk Dealers can be found in most major NPC cities. There are 5 different types of junk dealers:

  • A buyer of odds and ends
  • A buyer of clothes and jewelry
  • A buyer of weapons
  • Specialty
  • Jawa Traders

To find a vendor, the player may use the planet map, open the Vendor category and choose the Junk sub category. This will list the locations of all non specialty junk vendors on the planet. Each vendor will also appear on the overhead map as "Junk Dealer"

All types of Junk Dealers will only buy looted items, no player-made, no trade, quest rewards or quest related items items can be sold to them. Furthermore all junk dealers except jawa traders and specialty dealers will distribute Loot Kit Items as well.

Note: It is no longer possible to distinguish vendor types on the nge as they are now given generic dialogue and also their loot specific requirements have been removed so they now purchase all items. This means that in order to emulate pre-cu we would have to assign vendor types subjectively.

The first kind of Junk Dealer, odds and ends, will buy a wide variety of items. Examples of items that can be sold to the odds and end dealers are “Broken” items that include Broken Hand-Held Viewscreens, Broken, Datapads, Broken Meson Telescopes, Broken Binoculars, etc. They will also buy Datadisk Message Fragments. Generally speaking, they buy all items that are not quest related, quest reward, player crafted, weapons, no trade, armor or clothing.

The second kind of Junk Dealer buys clothing, armor and jewelry. These npcs will only buy looted clothing, armor and jewelry that aren't set to no trade.

The third Junk Dealer buys all manner of looted weapons. There are a few types of items that they won’t buy:

  • Weapons taken from a container in a dungeon
  • Quest rewards
  • Quest Related Items

The fourth type of dealer is a specialty dealer. These dealers are unique in the game world in that they request and only buy specific sub sets of items. As an example, one might buy only Jawa Beads. These vendors are:

  • Quich Marae
  • Sneg the Hand
  • Nado
  • Nathan Blyskipper
  • Reggi Tirver
  • Ollobo
  • Dender (rori)
  • Dender (naboo)
  • Lila Rawlkiss
  • Malik Pendron
  • Sheani
  • Gardo Valdell

The fifth type of vendor are the Jawa Traders. See Jawa Traders for more information

Note: Very little information exists for the vendor prices given for items, and we probably need to settle on making up some values or using known values and generalizing them to all items. Some information is possible to find on the nge for the misc items but the nge has changed the junk vendor system to offer credits to the player based on some unknown scaling factory based on the weapon and/or its stats. Its possible that this existed in precu but there is no real data to compare it with.

I would recommend making armor/weapons be set at fixed values based on :

  • The type of item it is
  • The armor rating (or armor piercing rating)
  • Exceptional / Legendary Status

Taking weapons as an example, melee looted weapons with heavy armor piercing and legendary status would sell for the most to a junk vendor (maybe 175 credits). Looted cdef pistol with 0 armor piercing rating would sell for the least.

Selling Junk

For a listing of items purchasable by each type of npc, along with the amount of credits offered for it, see the Junk Dealer Item Table.

When a player has an item that a junk dealer might be interested in buying, the player will see a New Dialogue Option open up on the npc's dialogue menu. Clicking this will open up the dealer's Trade Window that will list all of the player's items that the dealer will purchase. The player then selects an item on the list and clicks either the sell or sell all button. Sell will sell the selected item only where sell all will sell every item on the list. Junk dealers will only check items in the player's top level inventory (their primary inventory not backpack) and they must also be unequipped. (Note: this was seen as a bug or at the least a serious inconvenience to players in selling their excess loot).

Acquiring Loot Kits

For information about acquiring and using Loot Kits see:

Junk Dealer Locations

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