Loot Kits (Game Mechanics)

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Loot Kits (Game Mechanics)

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Loot Kits

Loot Kits

Loot kits are an assortment of items that must first be obtained, and then assembled in order to produce a final finished item that the player can use. There are a variety of loot kits available for players. The first type are those that are available exclusively from NPC Junk Dealers. The second type are found from looting corpses of various types of NPC's.

Each type of loot kit has a number of components that must be acquired, then placed inside of it so that the kit may assemble the item. Once a player has found all parts and placed them inside the kit, the kit is expended and the finished item is placed in their inventory. Some kits must rely on components produced from assembling other kits.

Players are only allowed to have one type of junk dealer acquired loot kit at a time until the loot kit item is produced from it, then the player may acquire another loot kit type. The various types of kits, and their uses are listed below.

Loot Kit Types

Junk Dealer Kits

1. Blue Rug Auto-Loom
2. Giant Model Gong Kit
3. Glass Top Table Auto-Crafter
4. Orange Rug Auto-Loom
5. Nabooian Sculpture Auto-Crafting Kit

Looted Kits

1. Datapad Housing
2. Datadisk Repair Kit
3. Viewscreen Printer
4. Picture Printer
5. Fireworks Packager

Component Created Kit

1. Datapad (Empty)

Loot Kit Listing
This listing is for the items object paths.

1. Junk Dealer Loot Kit Listing
2. Looted Kit Listing

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