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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Game Mechanics

If an attack passes the chance to hit stage, then it goes through a secondary defense check. These defenses add another check for the attack to miss the target or otherwise have its effects be mitigated. There are four types of secondary defenses, Dodge, Block, Counterattack and Defense Acuity. Defense Accuity is a Teras Kasi skill and has a random chance to either Block, Dodge or Counterattack. Modifiers to these secondary defenses are found in the elite profession branches. These modifiers for the defenses are associated with most elite combat professions and only activate their effects if the target is equipping a weapon that is usable to that profession. These defenses do not block state effects, bleeds or DOT applications. Secondary Defense Modifiers obtained from various sources such as food, abilities and skill attachments will stack with one another.

Types of Secondary Defenses:

Each type of secondary defense depends on Weapon Held

Things to Note:

  • I. Secondary defense modifiers stack with other secondary defense modifiers across professions. Pistoleer Dodge stacks with Fencer dodge modifiers, Rifleman block stacks with Pikeman block modifiers, and Carbineer counterattack stacks with Swordsman counterattack modifiers.

  • II. Secondary Defenses are capped at 125 skill modifier. They can only be enhanced to exceed this cap by the squad leader Rally ability, skill attachments or food bonuses.

Abilities that add bonuses to secondary defenses

  • Squad Leader - Rally: (unknown, maybe +50 to all defensive mods?)
  • Center of Being - Adds to the base chance that the secondary defense will go off.

Items that add bonuses to secondary defenses

  • Food -
    • Vayerbok - Increases Block modifier

  • Skill Attachments -
    • Dodge
    • Counterattack
    • Block

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