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Game Mechanics

DOTs or Damage Over Time are negative effects that can be placed on a target in which will affect the HAM bar through damage, wounds or a combination of both over a set number of cycles called ticks. There are five types of dots found in SWG:

Note: Certain Dots cannot be applied to innanimate objects or to certain kinds of npcs/creatures such as droids.

Some additional features with dots are Dot Duration Affecting Agents, along with potency and absorption values. Dot Duration Affecting agents are items or abilities that affect the duration of a dot on a target. Potency is a value on every dot that is used in a comparison with resistance modifiers to that type of dot. A higher Potency value compared to resistance modifier helps to increase the odds of applying that dot effect on the target. Dot absorption is the damage mitigating factor placed on the damage per tick of that dot. Absorption comes in the form of a percentage reduction in the damage of the dot. A higher absorption value means that the dot will do less damage per tick cycle. More information can be read on these processes through the following:

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