Droid Engineer Decorative Item Crafting (Game Mechanics)

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Droid Engineer Decorative Item Crafting

These items are available to artisans by way of using looted or quest schematics. All of these items are limited use items and may only be used once to create 1 item. Manufacturing schematics are not allowed to be created. These items each have a specific artisan skill requirement before the draft schematic can be learned. The pre-requisite is listed in the examination of the schematic object.

These items use artisan experimentation points during the experimentation process.

Items Affected

Experimentation Lines

These items have 1 line of experimentation available.

1. Experimental Quality

The Experimental Quality line depends on 50% DR and 50% OQ. Experimentation on this line has no discernible effect.

Item Attributes

Variation Of:

This attribute spawns on any item that has had its base type name changed. For player crafted items this type change occurs when the player renames the item from the default given one. The name change can occur automatically as the player chooses a particular style for the item during the customization process or by manually renaming the item in the name field. After changing the name the item now indicates that it is a variation of the specific type that it originated as.

For more information about the Variation Of attribute, see General Item Mechanics


Represents the current container contents of the Item.

For more information about volumn counts, see Inventory Mechanics

Object Creator:

This attribute appears only on crafted items or looted components. The crafter's name is listed here.

General Item Mechanics, and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

Serial Number:

This attribute only appears on crafted items. This represents the alphanumeric code given to the item.

See General Item Mechanics, Using Schematics and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

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