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Inventory & Container System Messenges
Container Radials

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Inventory Mechanics

Every player has a special container menu called the "Inventory" that lets you carry the items you find in Star Wars Galaxies. You can reach it either by pressing CTRL-I or by pressing the inventory button on your button bar in the lower left corner of the screen. You can identify the inventory icon, on the button bar, with a suitcase.

Your Inventory has a limited capacity, and there's a bar at the bottom showing you how much room you've taken up. Items that are currently equipped or are being worn will show up with a green background. The inventory may hold up to 80 items. Equipped items do not count towards the limit.

After finding a container or corpse with items in it, you'll probably want to drag those items to your inventory.

A player may not go beyond this carrying capacity else they will be forced into a stationary position until they lower the container amount to be at or under the limit. This circumstance could occur for example if a player has a full inventory and also a backpack container equipped that also has items in it. If this player equips another back pack then the contents of the previous one will be added to the player's inventory and thus overloading them. The player would have to re-equip the old backpack or delete items in order to be able to move again.

Player Inventory Window
Inventory Overload

Equipable containers on the other hand indirectly increase maximum allowable load by attaching their own content space. Like other equipped items, equipped containers do not take from the player's inventory allotment.

To use an item or piece of equipment, simply left click and hold on the item in your inventory. The radial menu will pop up displaying the options you have for manipulating that object.

If the object is a piece of clothing, armor or a weapon, you will have the option to equip it. This will place the item onto your character. You can also do this quickly by double clicking the item in your inventory. Items that are currently being worn or are equipped on your character will highlighted in green.

If the object is a piece of food, a medical stim pack, crafting tool or similar item, there will be a "Use" option. If you click your mouse over the use option, more options may appear specific for the item. For instance, you can hold your mouse button on a surveying tool. The "Use" and "Examine" choice will expand from the activated radial menu. If you move your cursor to "Use", and continue to hold down the mouse button, you will additionally receive a new option to choose beneath it.

Other typical options for the use radial with items from the inventory include the "Split" radial used to take stacked items apart into smaller pieces. Additionally there are the drink/eat options to consume foods and beverages. There is also the "Repair" option for using repair tools, and the Drop option to remove items from the inventory and place them inside a structure or into the world such as in using certain instruments, dropping vendors, or placing objects into a player structure. For pharmaceuticals such as healing stims or wound packs, radials such as heal damage and heal wound are displayed.

Inventory Radials

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
apply_anti_decay /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Apply Anti Decay (Needs more info)
craft_hopper_input /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Open Input Hopper Appears as an addon to the Start Crafting radial on crafting tool radial menu when a player is nearby a crafting station (within 6 meters) and is using a specialized tool that matches that type of crafting station. This allows the player to directly access the station input hopper without using the station radial.

craft_hopper_output /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Get Finished Prototype Appears as an addon to the Start Crafting radial on crafting tool radial menu when a player has a schematic or item still in a crafting tool's output hopper.
craft_start /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Start Crafting Appears on crafting tool radial menus.
deploy /string/en/ camp.stf internal_command_string Deploy Appears on a camp radial while in the inventory. This allows the player to build the camp at the spot in which they use the radial.
examine /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Examine Appears on any object. Allows player to view the objects attributes or information. Example
extract_object /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Get Item From Crate Appears on factory crate radial menus. Using this will withdraw one item from the crate.
firework_launch /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Launch Appears on individual fireworks. Using this will initiate the fireworks package setup and release.
item_destroy /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Destroy Appears on any object in inventory. Allows players to destroy the item and remove it from inventory. Example
item_drop /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Drop Appears on any item in inventory where the player is allowed to drop items at. For instruments such places are player structures or taverns/cantinas. Example
item_equip /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Equip Appears on any wearable or equippable item such as clothing, jewelry, armor, weapons. This will remove the item from the inventory and place it on the player's person.
item_open /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Open Appears as an option on all containers with exception to mob and player inventories.
item_open_new_window /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Open in New Window Appears on container as a 2nd option for Open radial when a player has another container window open. This allows for the player to create two seperate windows to view contents in different containers.
item_pickup /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Pick Up Appears on any object where the player can pick it up and place it into their inventory such as getting items from containers, grabbing loot off a corpse, or removing dropped items from the world or structure.
item_unequip /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Unequip Appears on any wearable or equippable item such as clothing, jewelry, armor, weapons. This will remove the item from the player's person and place it back into the inventory.
item_use /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use Appears on any usable object, by default without a valid target, this will be applied to the player first. I.E if the player is fighting a mob and has that in the reticle and they go to use a stim, the only valid target would be the player.
item_use_deed /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use Deed Appears on any usable structure deed. Using this will initiate build mode for structures.
item_use_drink /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Drink Appears on any drinkable object such as beverages sold by bartenders or chef drinks.
item_use_food /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Eat Appears on any edible object such as chef foods, foraged items, and special geonosian lab glands from enhanced kwis/klikniks.
item_use_force_crystal /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use Appears as default radial on the village quest force crystals.
item_use_other /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use on Target Appears on radial menu for using various objects that can be used on other targets in reticle such as pet vitality packs and stims/droid repair kits.
item_use_pharmaceutical /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use Appears as default radial for any pharmaceutical such as stims, enhancement packs, recucitation packs,fire blankets, diseases, poisons, state and poison/disease cures..
item_use_pharmaceutical_other /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use on Other Appears as one of the options on radial for any pharmaceutical such as stims, enhancement packs, recucitation packs,fire blankets, state and poison/disease cures when another player is currently in reticle. If no valid friendly target is specified then the default is to heal the player if there is damage.
item_use_pharmaceutical_self /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use on Self Appears as one of the options on radial for any pharmaceutical such as stims, enhancement packs, recucitation packs,fire blankets, state and poison/disease cures when another target is currently in reticle. Using this option will elect to heal the player and not their target.
item_use_self /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use on Self (Unknown)
item_use_ticket_travel /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Use Travel Ticket Appears on any travel ticket.
item_use_weapon_heavy /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Fire Appears on any cunsumable commando weapon such as rocket launchers, heavy lighting cannons, heavy beam rifles etc.
item_use_weapon_thrown /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Throw Appears on ranged throwing weapons such as grenades and traps to throw them at the current target in reticle.
menu_generate /string/en/pet/ pet_menu.stf internal_command_string Generate Vehicle Appears on any vehicle deed. This will convert the deed into a datapad form for the vehicle.
menu_tame /string/en/pet/ pet_menu.stf internal_command_string Tame Appears on any creature or droid pet deed. This will convert the deed into a datapad form for the pet.
release_creatures /string/en/ lair_n.stf internal_command_string Release Creatures Radial Option available on creature habitat items crafted by artisans. Using this will create an effect around the player as the contents are let out.
retrieve_items_from_anti_decay_kit /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Retrieve Item From Kit Radial that displays when the player has an item in the anti decay kit. Clicking this will recover the anti decay kit and the item that was inside it.
set_name /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Set Name Appears on any object to which a name can be given to the item such as containers.
split /string/en/ ui_radial.stf internal_command_string Split Appears on any factory crate or resource object that has 2 or more units left in it. Using this will create a prompt which will ask the user to designate how many items the object will be seperated into. The crate or resource will then be split into the designated amounts and appear in inventory as seperate objects/crates. Example

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