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For a listing of Attributes and stats available to items see
Item Attributes Listing

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Item Mechanics

Items are the objects in which a player may interact with in the game. Items take various forms from things ranging from being offered as loot, quest rewards, initiating quests, or as usable objects such as foods, buffs, stimpacks and so on. Items take up space within a player's inventory one block at a time per item.

Usable Items have variable properties that may be of benefit or detriment to players. To view these properties, a player must first examine the object and this will bring up an window which will list the properties or stats. Items can be used by clicking on them while in the inventory and waiting for a radial option to appear. Depending on the item, a unique radial option is often given that is specifically for that type of item. Many of the usable items may also be used directly by placing them onto the hotbars and pressing the corresponding hotbar button to enable their function.

To find out more of the specific traits pertaining to individual classes of items found in game, choose from a category below.

The main types of items are as follows:

Items have sub mechanics that pertain to the following:

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