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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Droid Misc Component Experimentation Mechanics

Items Affected

1. Advanced Droid Brain
2. Advanced Droid Frame Unit
3. Advanced Droid Motive System
4. Droid Brain
5. Droid Motive System
6. Droid Sensor Package
7. Manipulator Arm
8. Manipulator Arm Package Set

Experimentation Lines

All Components have a Mechanism Quality rating listed in the information screen. The Mechanism Quality rating is believed to increase the success rate of a droids crafting process; however I personally have not found this to be the case. The Mechanism Quality rating does not have an effect on how a droid performs, nor does it affect the HAM, damage, or other values listed on the final deed of a droid.

Experimentation on all Droid Components is done on one of two lines -

1. Experimental Durability
2. Experimental Effectiveness

All components require 50% CD and 50% OQ materials to acquire the highest quality. Durability currently appears to be a useless line of experimentation and has not shown to have an impact on any aspect of the crafting process. Mechanism Quality is in the Experimental Effectiveness line. If you are going to experiment on the components, which is not a requirement to produce the 'best droid' Effectiveness is the line to put your points into.

Personally, I tend to avoid experimenting on hand crafted components and use the above mentioned 3 step macro to craft a few parts. When I create factory runs on components, I will experiment on the part until it has a Mechanism Quality rating of 0 or slightly higher. I suggest that you use Bulk resources when producing all components

General Item Attributes

These are attributes that can appear on all of these crafted items.

Variation Of:

This attribute spawns on any item that has had its base type name changed. For player crafted items this type change occurs when the player renames the item from the default given one. The name change can occur automatically as the player chooses a particular style for the item during the customization process or by manually renaming the item in the name field. After changing the name the item now indicates that it is a variation of the specific type that it originated as.

For more information about the Variation Of attribute, see General Item Mechanics


Represents the current container contents of the Item.

For more information about volumn counts, see Inventory Mechanics

Object Creator:

This attribute appears only on crafted items or looted components. The crafter's name is listed here.

General Item Mechanics, and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

Serial Number:

This attribute only appears on crafted items. This represents the alphanumeric code given to the item.

See General Item Mechanics, Using Schematics and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

Mechanism Quality:

Attribute that appears on many droid components. This is believed to have no effect on droid stats or other functions.

See Droid Engineer for more information.

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