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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Artisan Clothing Mechanics

Items Affected


Shoulder Strap
Dark Sash


Multipocket Belt
Two Pocket Belt




Maiden's Dress
Plain Robe
Plain Short Robe
Administrator's Robe


Hide Boots
Wrapped Boots
Casual Shoes


Leather Gloves



Shortsleeve Jacket
Casual Jacket
Labour Jacket


Ithorian Striped Pants
Ithorian Striped Shorts
Ithorian Reinforced Trousers
Wrinkled Pants
Casual Pants
Pocketed Work Pants
Work Slacks



Ithorian Long Sweater
Ithorian Two Pocket Shirt
Ithorian Striped Shirt
Simple Shirt
Shortsleeve Shirt
Soft Undershirt


Wrapped Skirt


Ithorian Lifejacket

Wearable Container

Travel Pack

Wookiee Garb

Wookiee Arm Wraps
Tree-Dweller's Hood
Weighted Wookiee Hood
Wookiee Hide Jerkin
Weighted Wookiee Pullover
Simple Waist Wrap

Experimentation Lines

These items have no experimentation available

Item Attributes

Variation Of:

This attribute spawns on any item that has had its base type name changed. For player crafted items this type change occurs when the player renames the item from the default given one. The name change can occur automatically as the player chooses a particular style for the item during the customization process or by manually renaming the item in the name field. After changing the name the item now indicates that it is a variation of the specific type that it originated as.

For more information about the Variation Of attribute, see General Item Mechanics


This attribute is present on most wearables and indicates the current hitpoints remaining on the items. The left figure represents the current hitpoints on the item and the right represents the total max possible hitpoints. A wearable that reaches 0 condition can still be equipped and receive properties from it, with the exception of armor. Armor will lose all effective properties, with the exception of skill modifiers. Items at 0 condition cannot be repaired.


Represents the current container contents of the Item.

For more information about volumn counts, see Inventory Mechanics

Skill Mods:

This attribute is found on any item in which skill modifiers and/or BE clothing tissue enhanced synthetic cloth/reinforced fiber panels have been placed onto it. For player crafted items with sockets, this attribute can be created on the item if the player adds a skill tape or attachment or Bio Engineer Tissue enhanced component to the item. For looted items, this attribute only occurs on some looted exceptional, legendary items or certain quested rewards. Skill mods represent bonuses to a player's skills up to a maximum of 25. Player Crafted wearables are allowed up to 6 different modifiers on items.

Attributes available to this category include:

Sockets available

This attribute appears only on wearables that can contain sockets. Jewelry, personal shield generators and all looted items are not allowed to have sockets. Sockets allow for the placement of attachments into the item. Attachments such as clothing and armor attachments add skill modifier bonuses to an item. Each attachment will consume one socket. As sockets are used up, their count will decrease and eventually the attribute will be removed once the last socket is used. Items that can contain suckets may hold anywhere from 0 to up to 4 sockets total.

Object Creator:

This attribute appears only on crafted items or looted components. The crafter's name is listed here.

General Item Mechanics, and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

Serial Number:

This attribute only appears on crafted items. This represents the alphanumeric code given to the item.

See General Item Mechanics, Using Schematics and General Crafting Mechanics for more information about Serial numbers

***Special Note***

This attribute appears when a player places an item within an anti decay kit.

Transferred Component Attributes

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