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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Droid Module Mechanics

Utility Modules

1. Auto-Repair Module Usage
2. Detonation Module Usage
3. Creature Harvest Module Usage
4. Droid Combat Module Usage
5. Scout Trap Projectile Unit Module Usage
6. Stimpack Dispensor Module

Level Based Modules

1. Droid Data Module Usage
2. Droid Item Storage Module Usage
3. Droid Medical Module Usage
4. Droid Armor Module Usage
5. Droid Structure Maintenance Module Usage

Standard Modules

1. Droid Repair Module Usage
2. Effects Module (Avian) Usage
3. Effects Module (Confetti) Usage
4. Effects Module (Dancing Jawa) Usage
5. Effects Module (Electric Fog) Usage
6. Effects Module (Foam) Usage
7. Effects Module (Mind Bloom) Usage
8. Merchant Module Usage
9. Playback Module Usage

Droid Crafting Station Modules

1. Clothing Droid Crafting Station Module Usage
2. Food Droid Crafting Station Module Usage
3. Ship Component Crafting Module Usage
4. Structure Droid Crafting Station Module Usage
5. Weapon Droid Crafting Station Module Usage

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