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Banking & Cash Transfers

Below is a listing of the various forms in which money is obtained and transferred within SWG. Players may also Trade items/currency. See Trading For further details.

Credit Caps

Player inventories and banks can hold up to 999,999,999 credits. Any funds transferred into accounts that were capped were lost. (perhaps we should make it so that funds cant be transferred so people don't lose money tipping, bank tipping or trading money over unless purchasing an item from a vendor or off the bazaar.


The basic way to transfer money to another player in SWG is to tip a player by using the /tip command. This will automatically transfer a designated amount from the sender's onhand credits to the recepient. For example to tip a player name Bob with 100 credits, you would type /tip bob 100 or /tip 100 if Bob is already targeted. Both players must be within 16 meters of each other however for a tip to work. If a player is more than 16m from the target then a bank tip is used instead.

Players transfer cash to other plays by using the bank tip transfer by using the following command /tip playername xxx (credits) bank

so for example if i wanted to tip 100 credits to a player named Bob

/tip bob 100 bank

or /tip 100 bank if I have bob already targeted.

Bank tipping a player will send the both the sender and recepient a notification once the money has successfully been received. Bank tip funds are directly subtracted from the sender's bank account.

When bank tipping a player, a 5% surcharge is added to the total amount being tipped. If a player cannot pay the surcharge and amount being tipped then they will not be able to send the transfer.

Tipping checks

Tipping makes 3 checks before delivering money:

  • Checks to see if there is a valid player target (must be a player character only) first
  • Checks to see if the amount entered is a valid amount (must be an amount 1 - 1,000,000 credits).
  • Checks to see if there are sufficient funds in the player's on hand cash pool or bank.


The Bank is important for several obvious reasons. Money and items deposited in the bank are safe. Regardless of what unfortunate events may happen while adventuring, items in the bank will be safe. Keeping money in the bank is also very convenient; most transactions throughout the galaxy can automatically deduct funds from you bank eliminating the need to carry around lots of credits. To use the bank radials a player must be within 6 meters. A player may also use the bank by double clicking on it. Doing so will automatically put the player in deposit/withdraw mode. This can be done from up to 6 meters as well.

Bank Radial Options:

  • Withdraw all credits : This radial deducts all the credits within the bank and places them into the player's onhand cash.
  • Deposit all credits: This radial deducts all the credits from the player's on hand cash and deposits it into the bank.
  • Deposit/withdraw: This opens up a menu that allows the player to input the designated amount they wish to either deposit or withdraw. Inputting numbers into either of the UI boxes will deduct funds from the other. A player may choose to make use of the sliding bar for easier transferance of bulk credits. Additionally the user may reset the values to their original positions by using the revert button.
  • Safety Deposit: The bank storage container for player items.
  • Join bank: Option used to join a bank on a planet. The player can only join one bank at a time.
  • Quit bank: Option used to quit a bank on a planet. The player must remove all items from the bank's safety deposit box before they can quit a bank.

Players must join the bank before they are able to deposit and withdraw from it. Players automatically joined the bank in their starting planet after they leave the tutorial. Players can only access your Safety Deposit Box from the bank they joined. For instance, if a player joins the bank on Tatooine, they cannot access items while on Naboo. Players may deposit items, credits and withdraw funds at any bank location on the planet that their joined bank is on however.

Banks can hold up to 100 items (including other containers such as backpacks/locked containers).

Banks cannot store the following types of items:

  • Items from the datapad such as vehicles, schematics, and pets.
  • Vendors

Credit Network

The credit network represents the 'entities' of SWG in which the player either loses to or receives money from. SOE kindly referred to these internal systems within the acct_n.stf file. Some of these features are clearly from beta testing such as the dispenser system, or were never fully realized/implemented in game such as player created missions. Below is a listing of these systems along with a theorized expectation of their apparent uses. Some of these are used directly in game within system messages however most seem to be behind the scenes and not named specifically, although still used.

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