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Game Mechanics - Elevators

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Elevator Mechanics

Elevators are found through out the game in player structures, npc cities and even static dungeons. To use an elevator, a player must click on the radial option for each elevator terminal. A use button is the default interface, however this changes over to a radial down or up button depending on what level the player is on. Each floor level has an differ option available to it. Ground and top floors have only one option, either up or down. 2nd level floors or higher have 2 options, down or up for each terminal. To use any option, a player must be within 2 meters of the terminal itself. Upon use the player will then be moved up/down on the Z axis to match the next floor height.

One feature to using elevators in dungeons is that the mobs will not follow the player up after they use an elevator. These can be used while in combat and while it may not cause the npc to lose aggro on the player, the player will effectively be 'safe' from attack if they can make it to one of these elevators and escape.


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Elevators by location:

1. Medical Centers
2. Corellian Corvette
3. Player Association Halls
4. The Warren

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